What is coneice?

Share and work

A simple collaboration tool to work with your customers and partners. You and your customers can always view the progress of work, what is pending and what additional information is required from different parties.

Bonus point - since this is all cloud based, you dont have to worry about system shut downs or server issues


One place for all documents

An efficient document management solution for all your client documents. All the documents and work outputs are stored inside the document area. Both you and your client can access any versions of it at any time.


Boost employee productivity

Manage your staff and their daily tasks. You can assign and track their work, conduct performance reviews and best of all you can plan how you address staff risks in the business.


Keep your clients happy

The best part is there is no learning required for the client. All they have to do is simply use the application and upload their documents either with the mobile app or with their desktop.
As you work on their files, they can view the status, reply to your messages and take away all the worries in filing on time.


Work Management

See all the analytics of work status for the entire staff or for a particular employee.

Communications Portal

Comments for specific file actions, chat for in-app notifications and mails etc.

Cloud Storage Manager

Manage your cloud storage and control your usage based on requirements.

Bulk SMS

Send notifications to your clients using pre-defined templates.


Reclaim your workday

Less email. More productive. Our customers see an average 48.6% reduction in internal email, helping them enjoy a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive work life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

What is coneice?

coneiceis the next generation cloud based business productivity software solution addressing the needs of both service providers and their clients in managing day to day operations.

Who can use it?

Service providers and their clients can use the application.

Service providers can register on website at free of cost and then issue usage licenses to their clients in order to start using.

How do I install?

There is no desktop installation required. Service providers can access the application using their desktop browser.
The application is designed as SaaS (cloud based and web based).

How do I install for clients?

There is no installation required. Client can access through both desktop and mobile browsers.

Do my employees and clients need any training?

There is no special training required. The application is intuitively designed such that anyone with basic computer skills can use all the features.

However, a demo of the application will be provided by our service rep at your convenience.

Please explain the license required to run the software?

coneice follows a service provider based approach for license distribution. In this system, the service provider will be purchasing the individual licenses from coneice and distributing them to their clients.

How do I buy the license?

Please contact your designated sales rep to buy the license. We will also have online purchase facility available soon.

Can I try it before purchasing?

Yes. Service provider can register on the website and issue 30 days trial to a client.

How do I issue license to my clients?

Service provider can go to license menu of the application and issue license to each client.

How do I start using the application?

Congratulations! The first task for service provider will be to import all their client details to the system. Once it is completed, you are all set to go.

How do I get my clients to start using it?

You can instruct your clients to upload all their documents like sales bills, purchase bills, vouchers, invoices etc. to the designated folder.
Clients can easily upload using their mobile or desktop.

As your clients regularly update on a daily basis, you can instruct your staff to process the files on the same day.

This same day / every day processing and other advanced features in the application will be a game changer for your business as explained in our documentation.

What if there is a technical issue?

Please contact us via email at support@coneice.in or contact your service rep.

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